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Interview with CEO Marc Grewenig about the development of eventbaxx


Marc Grewenig developed the digital goodie bag for events with his start-up eventbaxx. In 2015, his team won the creative sonar.

The creative sonar has awarded prizes to a total of 29 creative companies in 3 years. In our series of articles “how is… ” we ask how the winners have been since then. Today we talk to Marc Grewenig, one of the founders of eventbaxx.

How much did you get from winning the creative sonar?

The creative sonar has given us the necessary impetus to realize our vision as quickly as possible. Due to the extensive and critical feedback of the experienced jurors, we were able to develop one of our software solutions “eventbaxx” in the right direction.

Did everything turn out the way you wanted it to?

Yes, absolutely. Three years later, we’re still working on our vision. Fanomena GmbH currently employs almost 20 people at three locations in Saarbrücken, Berlin and Istanbul. Besides our first solution “eventbaxxx”, we have now launched another solution called “hileadzz“. With both solutions we have well-known national and international customers. Nevertheless, we still have a long way to go and the journey continues.

What else are you planning for the future?

We are currently working increasingly on our two solutions from a technical point of view in order to further advance the scaling and innovation process.